Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a full-featured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package, built entirely on Microsoft technology and combines Microsoft’s popular Office-style interface design. Read more

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

A Powerful, Adaptable User Interface
One of the most appealing features of Dynamic NAV’s user interface is its similarity to other ms dynamics navMicrosoft Office products, making it intuitive to use. What makes the interface so adaptable is that it can be configured differently for each role within the company.

Integration with other Microsoft products
When you buy Dynamics NAV, you don’t just get a comprehensive ERP solution. You also get benefit from seamless integration with other key products throughout the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Microsoft Office on-premise or in the cloud, SharePoint and because NAV is built on SQL Server, Microsoft’s entire Business Intelligence stack.

Total Cost of Ownership
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to fit your industry, company size and budget. The solution have a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and cost efficient as a result of its relatively low implementation and customization costs.

Role Centers
Role Centers gives employees an overview of tasks and activities and access to relevant information with just a few clicks, making it easy for employees to organize and prioritize their work. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, user experience is enhanced with faster access to information that matters with personalized Role Centers and home pages that let users view their most important business data in a glance. Colour coding in BI dashboard help users prioritize their actions.

Advanced Business Intelligence
The integration between Dynamics NAV and the Microsoft BI stack means you can embrace BI to any extent you choose. Start with out-of-the-box charting capability built-in to everyday user interfaces to help employees see the bigger picture, or use visualization tools to interactively work with your data. You can go deeper into the BI toolset to create sophisticated management dashboards. With Microsoft’s full BI stack at your disposal, the only limitation is your own imagination.

Diverse Third Party Add-ons
Looking for industry-specific functionality to further enhance Dynamics NAV for your business? Look no further than the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace: Marketplace contains descriptions, reviews, etc., of hundreds of Dynamics NAV add-ons that address specific business and industry needs, including add-ons for Asset Maintenance, Education, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Construction, Government, Transport, Farming, and many more. 

Ease of Customisation
The typical life cycle for most ERP systems is as follows:

Dynamics NAV doesn’t work this way. It was designed from the start to allow customization. In fact, modifications are treated the same way as the base source code, with a fully integrated development environment to make customizations even easier. You can also compare any two versions of NAV using numerous tools. The solution has a standard feature set, but it can also be thought of as an “ERP System construction set”, for organisations that want more than “out of the box” functionality.

When it has become necessary to upgrade your Dynamics NAV software to a new version, Advanced Options can help you decide which customizations should be carried forward versus those that are no longer necessary due to advancements in the base software. Changes to be carried forward are then merged with your new version of NAV. Using these methods, your Dynamics NAV implementation can always remain clean and stable even with significant customization.

Extensive Partner Network
Microsoft sells, delivers, and supports Dynamics NAV Customers through its global Microsoft Partner Network. There are thousands of Dynamics NAV partners such as Advanced Options around the globe, many with their own special areas of expertise in either specific industries or technologies. At Advanced Options, we have extensive experience in the following sectors: Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Mining and Distribution.