Dynamics NAV Design & Implementation Services

A Proven Methodology

Following the crowd may not seem very exciting, but when it comes to designing and implementing Dynamics NAV systems, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The crowd, in this case, consists of all the hardworking people who have been involved in over 100,000 Dynamics implementations worldwide, whose collective experiences ultimately work their way into Microsoft’s Sure Step, a set of processes and tools designed to help Dynamics partners “get it right”.

Dynamics NAV Design & Implementation Services

Sure Step doesn’t solve all the challenges of a successful ERP implementation on its own. That still requires good listening skills, good teamwork between Advanced Options and the client, and a lot of dedication and hard work. But it is a proven recipe for success, one that should be followed as closely as possible. 

Our Proposal Process

So what exactly happens when you contact us for possible design and implementation services? Our first step is to hold exploratory conversations with you. If you’re not already a client, we need to understand who you are and what you do as a company. Similarly, we’d like to describe who we are and what we do as a company. When that’s accomplished, we’ll then attempt to get a clear understanding of the work you’re contemplating. No business has taken place at this point. To be honest, just as you are assessing us as a potential supplier at this stage, we’re assessing you as a potential customer, trying to gauge whether we can work together to make the proposed project a success. If both teams feel good about each other, you’ll be asked at this stage to approve the phase of chargeable work. 

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