Dynamics NAV Upgrade Services

Benefits of Upgrading to NAV 2016

Take advantage of new functionality, including:

  • the role-tailored client (RTC);
  • enhanced purchasing and sales document approval;
  • greater integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM;
  • advanced business intelligence and reporting services;
  • improved web services capabilities;
  • the web client, allowing access to NAV from any web browser;
  • Assembly Management – kitting and light manufacturing capabilities fully integrated into the supply chain;
  • improved integration with SharePoint, allowing you to share information with people both inside and outside your organization;
  • significant performance improvements from tighter integration with SQL Server;
  • significant reporting enhancements with next-generation RDLC;
  • improved cost accounting and cash flow forecasting capabilities;
  • new supply planning parameters that let you exert greater control over the planning engine;

Released in late 2015, Dynamics NAV 2016 has been a decisive winner in the NAV community. The significant productivity gains in this version of Dynamics NAV offer a substantial return on investment (ROI) for most companies, especially with the use of the new role-tailored client. Every company is different, however, so we’ll help you assess your potential ROI as part of your upgrade evaluation process. 

Dynamics NAV Versions We Know

Owing to our specialty and longevity in upgrades, we are intimately familiar with upgrading the following versions of Dynamics NAV:

  • Dynamics NAV 2016: (9.00) 2016
  • Dynamics NAV 2015: (8.00) 2015
  • Dynamics NAV 2013: (7.00) 2013 , (7.1) 2013R2
  • Dynamics NAV 2009: (6.00) 2009, 2009 SP1, 2009R2 
  • Dynamics NAV 5.00: 5.00, 5.00 SP1
  • Dynamics NAV 4.00: 4.00, 4.00 SP1, 4.00 SP2, 4.00 SP3
  • Dynamics NAV 3.70: 3.70, 3.70A, 3.70B

Our Measures of Success

There is little debate that the following represent the objectives of any upgrade:

  1. All your data is migrated and no data is lost.
  2. All your add-ons and customizations are brought forward or replaced.
  3. The new system is thoroughly tested before it goes live.
  4. There is no unplanned downtime.
  5. The upgrade comes in on schedule and on budget.

The question is whether the team doing the upgrade can execute, which brings us to…


We will be more than happy to provide you with extensive references for other successful upgrade projects we have done elsewhere.